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65 year old white male, Scottish/French mother's side, and Welsh from dad's side, live in Fayetteville, NC. Married (2nd 11 years), 2 daughters from 1st marriage, with 1 grand daughter. Still working (55-60 hrs/wk), need to retire and find new vocation/calling. Interests are Theosophy, Buddhism, Vedic astrology, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Summit Lighthouse, the new Russian messenger, Tatyana Mickushina, web site http://Sirius-eng.net. My goal is to start meditating 20 minutes a day, everything else will come in place once meditation is part of my life. "Every practice of meditation is aimed at the achievement of such a level of your consciousness which will enable you to leave the limits of your world. When you acquire an ability to meditate, you get access to the energies and knowledge of the higher worlds". I AM Amitabha Buddha[1], having come to you through this messenger. (Tatayana Mickushina)

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